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Travel: KL - CF2015 Day 2 (20th Dec 2015)

Hi all,

Again, Danial and I started at 7.30 am today to beat the traffic to Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) for Day 2 of Comic Fiesta 2015. I had packed all my stuff in my car as I will be leaving for home in the evening. We went to Hakim for breakfast. However, there was less traffic than the day before as we arrive at 9.00 am. Probably the hype has died down for the 2nd day.

There are still a lot of people in the queue into the hall but not so much in the ticketing line. I already have my Day 2 pass so we waited for the doors to open at 10.00 pm. We met up with Hasif there.

My aim for the day was to actually go through the kiosks and booths which I did not actually focused on the first day. Of course, more cosplayers are there on the second day so SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!!!

Darth Pool?


Kids can cosplay as well... I am proud of his parents!

Vader Wannabe 

 Points for effort!

 Not a fan but I know them from Kingdom Hearts game...


 Hasif with Speed-o'-Sound Sonic...

 Arno Dorian

Keyboard Warrior and Hasif (Sniper) 

Many Malaysians are keyboard warriors....But this guy went literal...

Spiders everywhere.....

Wolverine came all the way from USA...(don't know where the guy's actually from. Probably USJ)

He was impressed with the gift...

Too bad Groot, Drax and Rocket has a job at the time...

We also spent some time watching the shows at the event stage where they have amateur musicians and singer cover theme songs from various anime and TV shows including Pokemon, Power Rangers, Dragonball and Digimon. It was entertaining!

Cha-La-Head-Cha-La! by Johan Yusof

Butter-Fly (Digimon Theme) by Johan Yusof

Checkout Johan Yusof's Facebook Page HERE

There were many kiosks and booths at the convention. Some of them are Konami (selling Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. I was tempted), Gunpla shops, shops selling replica swords, game booths and other variety of stuffs. But the most amazing is the doujin booths where people sell fan works including arts, comics and misc items like key chains, leather items and dolls. It was amazing. Unfortunately I do not have much to spare.

I did managed to buy two souvenirs from the kiosks and booths. Something from Harry Potter and something from Naruto...I already have a lightsaber and costume so I did not buy any Star Wars related merchandise...

A Deathly Hallows symbol key chain

Yup, it's a replica of Sasuke's Sword of Kusanagi....And beside me is Shao Jun, Chinese Assassin.

It was 4.00 pm and it is time to make a move for home. I had to sent Danial back to Shah Alam. It was difficult to finally go home. Seeing all the buildings in Shah Alam, my university, my old apartment and my friends, I was reminded on all the happy and challenging moments we faced together. I know everyone feels it once in a while, but more adventures lie ahead and our paths will surely cross again.

Thank you everyone for your time. There will of course be more to share in the future.

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