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Travel: KL - The Big City (17th Dec 2015)

Hi all,

I woke up very late after watching the premier of Star Wars VII. Around 11.00am, I went to fetch Barr at his apartment and went for brunch (Hasif and Aizat working on cos-play project). We had a great meal at Brotherhood and Co. at Sekyen 7 Shah Alam based on the recommendation by Vitdaily. Nasi Sotong King!!!!

After sending Barr back to his apartment, I drove towards KL in hopes of visiting the Pusat Sains Negara. Unfortunately they were closed for renovations. So I changed course towards the Planetarium Negara instead.

There are not much to see at the planetarium but the basics of study of astronomy and their applications. I did not take many picture unfortunately of the place as I was too immersed in reading everything. Huh, me and science!

The observatory from outside 


The Dome Theatre: Watched a documentary on Solar Flares

After the view from the Planetarium's Observatory, I decided to go to KL Tower. I have been to KLCC many times before but never KL Tower so why not?

By the time I reached KL tower, It was already around 4.00pm. I went straight to the reception and bought a ticket for the Closed Viewing Area + 6D Theatre as it was one of the cheapest package. I was low on budget. I have experienced 6D before so it was not as surprising but the theatre is better than most in Taiping. Time to go up the tower! 

Magnificent view of KL

There were a lot of Lego arts at the closed viewing area of the KL Tower. Ranging from Harry Potter to Star Wars, it was lots of fun!

Misc Lego art

Souvenir shops are at the closed viewing area 

At the ground floor of the KL Tower, there was also an mini zoo. The animals that they have at the mini zoo are impressive including meerkats, otter, rabbits, snakes and others. They allow visitors to pet the animals which was a lot of fun.


Parrots again...White one talks a lot


Ponies hidden from view...

I finished walking around KL Tower around 6.00 pm and time to push through the traffic back to Kondominium Kristal in Shah Alam.

I was looking forward for tonight because I will be meeting my old UiTM classmates who are staying in Shah Alam. Some are working and some are doing their Masters Degree. I was happy that we were able to meet up and talk about our life now and reminisce about our days as undergrads. Thank you Nysa, Wani, Fameza and T Rex (Athirah) for spending time with me. I miss you guys and all the others that were not able to be there.

From left: Nysa, Fameza, Wani, T Rex and Me

That is all the stories I have from Day 2 in KL. I sleepover at Kondominium Kristal for the night. There is no Day 3 entry as I practically just hang out at Shah Alam relaxing at Danial's home. Danial and I did went out to Danial's home in Setiawangsa because he left his CF2015 tickets there (-.-). Other than that, we technically did nothing. It was all chillin...

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