Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Travel: KL - The Force Awakens (16th Dec 2015)

Hi all,

Last month, I took annual leave from work from 16th-20th specifically to be a part of one of the best events to take place in 2015: The PREMIER of the long awaited Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens at TGV Sunway Pyramid. 

In addition to that, one of the largest events for cos-players, nerds and geeks is happening on the same weekend. COMIC FIESTA 2015!

I pushed off from Taiping at around 10.00 am to reach Shah Alam around 1.00pm to have lunch with my pal, Danial Barr. We had a good lunch at non other than Shah Alam's best mamak, Hakim.

 Then we just spend the day at Kondominium Kristal where I used to rent during my studies, talking and preparing for the premier.

Nerds Assembled !! Danial Barr, MdHasif, Aizat Adli and I are back together to celebrate this historical event!  We pushed off for Sunway Pyramid at 10.00pm. I was in full costume for the premier. This was my first attempt at cos-playing and what better event to start than at the Star Wars VII premier.

 We reached TGV Sunway Pyramid around 11.00pm and the place was jammed pack with Star Wars characters! I was nervous of course as they have really good costumes assuming they are all veterans at cos-playing.

Photos credits to TGV

Photos credits to TGV

Photos credits to TGV

We decided to get our popcorns and drinks immediately before people started crowding. A good decision, it was. There was a lot going on with figurines display, dance off and other activities. It was crazy! We can't even move around.

Photos credits to TGV

With all the anxiety of 3 long years of wait, we finally entered the cinema at 12.00 am (17th Dec).

From left: Me, Hasif, Aizat

From left: Barr, Hasif, Me

The movie was AMAZING! I am not going to spoil anything unlike my friend (YES you Hasif!) although its way past the no spoiler zone. We went and have our dinner right after the movie at Seksyen 9 reviewing the good and bad of the movie.

We sent Danial Barr back to Kristal Kondominium. Hasif and I decided to stay at Aizat's new crib at Seksyen 8. He had a really nice place. Under renovations for his homestay plan. But it was comfy enough for the night. I was so happy I was not bothered by anything and went straight to sleep.

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