Sunday, 31 January 2016

Movie Review: Ola Bola (2016)

Movie Title: Ola Bola
Release Date: 28 January 2016
Genre: Sports
Director: Chiu Keng Guan
Stars: JC Chee, Luqman Hafidz, Saran Kumar Manokaran, Bront Palarae
IMDB Rating: N/A


Ola Bola tells the tale of the golden age of Malaysian football when the Malaysian national football team qualifies for the Olympic Moscow 1980.

My Rating: 8.0/10

My Review: (No spoilers in this review, I think you guys need to see it for yourself!)

I was very excited for this movie and hopeful for this movie. Just based on the trailer, I saw that this movie has the potential to become the Malaysian Movie of the Year. Inspired  by the events of qualification of the Malaysian National Football Team the Moscow Olympics 1980, the movie captures well the cultural diversity and the patriotism of Malaysia as a multi-racial country. The movie portrays the hardships of Malaysians in the 80s, the difficulties of footballers to juggle their life as footballers and as a family member.

The movie started with a very broken Malaysian team which was later united under the management of the new coach through intensive training and restructuring of the team. The plot focus on values of teamwork, patriotism and perseverance, something every person should strive for. Moments in the movie does make me feel a sense of pride in being a Malaysian and knowing we as Malaysian are capable of great things. I admit to almost tearing up in some moments of the movie. 

The movie has a very diverse atmosphere by using different languages in different scenes instead of maintaining a 100% Malay dialogue. This shows the natural behavior and diversity of cultures in Malaysia. The director managed to capture the audience with good laughs and strong storyline keeping the movie very interesting.  The choreography of the football matches is well done. The use of CGI was also very convincing. I am impressed with the casting choices with so many new faces and convincing acting.

My final verdict, this movie is a must watch movie with a very strong script and acting with good technical film making. I recommend everyone to watch this movie. A job well done and thank you, Chiu, for making such a good movie. It is good to have this type of movie in the Malaysian film industries which is always saturated with repetitive romance and comedy movies.

As the movie tagline says "You will believe again", I BELIEVE!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Movie Review: The Boy (2016)

Movie Title: The Boy
Release Date: 22 January 2016
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Director: William Brent Bell
Stars: Lauren Cohen, Rupert Evans, James Russell
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10


Greta is a young American woman who takes a job as a nanny in a remote English village, only to discover that the family's 8-year-old is a life-sized doll that the parents care for just like a real boy, as a way to cope with the death of their actual son 20 years prior. After violating a list of strict rules, a series of disturbing and inexplicable events bring Greta's worst nightmare to life, leading her to believe that the doll is actually alive.

Written by STX Entertainment taken from IMDB

My Rating: 6.8/10


The reason I actually wanted to watch this movie is because it has two things: Lauren Cohen (Yes, I'm a Walking Dead fan) and a possibly haunted doll. I have seen at least two other horror movies which involves dolls, Dead Silence and Annabelle. I would put this movie somewhere in between with Dead Silence as my favourite.

The starting of the movie sees Greta Evans (Lauren Cohen), an American women offered a babysitting job by a rich family in a British countryside to get away from her problems. Greta was introduce to Brahms, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire who are going for a vacation. Everything was normal except that Brahms is a doll. She was to follow a certain set of rules given by the Heelhires but being a typical American, thinks it is a pointless and foolish thing to babysit a doll. Most Asians would probably have run off at first sight. So she just gets paid every week by the Heelshire for doing nothing.

The movie has a mysterious mood to it instead of the overused jump scares James Wan usually opt with. The movie uses the standard 'moving inanimate objects around when you're not looking' formula. The movie actually make us think that Greta actually going mad when finally she ends up following the rules. No more disturbances occurred except that Brahms is a brat who does not know how to stay still.

Apparently, Greta was only playing along to actually scientifically (drawing lines around the doll) proving the doll actually moves. SCIENCE! She proven it to the grocery boy, Malcolm (Rupert Evans) that she is not going crazy. The best part is, the grocery boy did not freak out but instead was OK with the idea about babysitting a supposedly dead boy in a doll. Must be Greta's 'personality'. Then Greta's problem came to take her home and decided to die instead. Brahms is a jealous kid.

All I can say is that the movie did not dwell too deep in either scares or mystery that you don't actually know why this movie categorized as a horror, thriller. The movie is basically saved by the acting of Lauren Cohen along with a resting b***h face of Brahms the Doll. However, the only points I give to this movie is the awesome twist at the end which ripped my belief in ghosts and of how big a house is actually is! This film taught me to NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER.

My final verdict is everyone should go and watch this movie if you have extra cents to spare and if you are fans of haunted dolls like I am or if you are a fan of Lauren Cohen. My sister, Aifaa was the only one to scream in the entire cinema. (-.-)

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Travel: KL - CF2015 Day 2 (20th Dec 2015)

Hi all,

Again, Danial and I started at 7.30 am today to beat the traffic to Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) for Day 2 of Comic Fiesta 2015. I had packed all my stuff in my car as I will be leaving for home in the evening. We went to Hakim for breakfast. However, there was less traffic than the day before as we arrive at 9.00 am. Probably the hype has died down for the 2nd day.

There are still a lot of people in the queue into the hall but not so much in the ticketing line. I already have my Day 2 pass so we waited for the doors to open at 10.00 pm. We met up with Hasif there.

My aim for the day was to actually go through the kiosks and booths which I did not actually focused on the first day. Of course, more cosplayers are there on the second day so SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!!!

Darth Pool?


Kids can cosplay as well... I am proud of his parents!

Vader Wannabe 

 Points for effort!

 Not a fan but I know them from Kingdom Hearts game...


 Hasif with Speed-o'-Sound Sonic...

 Arno Dorian

Keyboard Warrior and Hasif (Sniper) 

Many Malaysians are keyboard warriors....But this guy went literal...

Spiders everywhere.....

Wolverine came all the way from USA...(don't know where the guy's actually from. Probably USJ)

He was impressed with the gift...

Too bad Groot, Drax and Rocket has a job at the time...

We also spent some time watching the shows at the event stage where they have amateur musicians and singer cover theme songs from various anime and TV shows including Pokemon, Power Rangers, Dragonball and Digimon. It was entertaining!

Cha-La-Head-Cha-La! by Johan Yusof

Butter-Fly (Digimon Theme) by Johan Yusof

Checkout Johan Yusof's Facebook Page HERE

There were many kiosks and booths at the convention. Some of them are Konami (selling Yu-Gi-Oh TCG. I was tempted), Gunpla shops, shops selling replica swords, game booths and other variety of stuffs. But the most amazing is the doujin booths where people sell fan works including arts, comics and misc items like key chains, leather items and dolls. It was amazing. Unfortunately I do not have much to spare.

I did managed to buy two souvenirs from the kiosks and booths. Something from Harry Potter and something from Naruto...I already have a lightsaber and costume so I did not buy any Star Wars related merchandise...

A Deathly Hallows symbol key chain

Yup, it's a replica of Sasuke's Sword of Kusanagi....And beside me is Shao Jun, Chinese Assassin.

It was 4.00 pm and it is time to make a move for home. I had to sent Danial back to Shah Alam. It was difficult to finally go home. Seeing all the buildings in Shah Alam, my university, my old apartment and my friends, I was reminded on all the happy and challenging moments we faced together. I know everyone feels it once in a while, but more adventures lie ahead and our paths will surely cross again.

Thank you everyone for your time. There will of course be more to share in the future.

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Travel: KL - CF2015 Day 1 (19th Dec 2015)

Hi all,

Woke up early today to beat the traffic and the ticketing line of Comic Fiesta 2015. Danial and I had breakfast at mamak Hakim in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam at 7.30 am and we were off towards Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) which is around 45 minutes for Shah Alam.

We reached Mines around 9.00 am and I was shocked!!! The line practically covers the sides of the MIECC building! This is going to be a long queue... We managed to meet up with Hasif in the queue.

Danial had the competition pass so he was allowed to walk-in through the 'special' contest entrance. He was able to enter without using the early birds CF tickets so he sold me his. As simple as that, I was in! Too bad for Hasif, he had to queue up though.

Danial helped me to put on my costume. Just to pin few parts of the vest. I am all set!

Don't be too harsh...It's my first time!

As I stepped in the door towards the convention hall, I understand what the hype was all about. The place was impressive! Cos-players are everywhere! Game booth and stages are at one section of the hall whereas concert/event stage was at the other end of the hall. Deep inside the hall there were the Doujins area where people sell fan-art and other merchandise. The second floor was specifically for the Pokemon Championship, other games and also where to food are...


Game stage are and booths

More booths and event stage area. Cosplay competition are also held here...

I was very nervous to walk around snapping photos at first but slowly I built more confidence and courage to ask as I found out the cos-players are very friendly and open about it.

The first cos-player I asked for a picture...Milestone!

Hasif and I spent most of the afternoon supporting Danial in the Pokemon Championship. We were they trying to 'psycho' his opponent but ended up 'psycho-ing' Danial instead as he only managed 2/7 wins...Hihi...Better luck next time, buddy!

I spent most of the day going taking pictures of cos-players and had very few opportunities to actually view the shops and merchandises. I figure I will be able to do that on the 2nd day of CF2015 since I won't be cos-playing.

Not so epic battle...

Red Rangers...Mostly...



This one I love so much...I feel strong in his presence! ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!!

That is me with Hasif... Really awesome DOTA Sniper cosplay

Met my Clan!!! Their lightsabers.... :'(  . No budget la....

These dolls caught my eyes. They are very beautiful. The quality was incredible!!! I wanted to get one, until I saw the price tag! RM 2000 each...WHAAAAATTT???!!!! Goodbye dolls....

Hasif went home quite early. Danial and I thought we'd skipped the concert which was held at 8.00 pm. A friend of Danial needed a lift back home so we waited a while for him to finish the FLOW session of the concert. Then we went back to Shah Alam. I was really satisfied.

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