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Travel: KL - CF2015 Day 1 (19th Dec 2015)

Hi all,

Woke up early today to beat the traffic and the ticketing line of Comic Fiesta 2015. Danial and I had breakfast at mamak Hakim in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam at 7.30 am and we were off towards Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) which is around 45 minutes for Shah Alam.

We reached Mines around 9.00 am and I was shocked!!! The line practically covers the sides of the MIECC building! This is going to be a long queue... We managed to meet up with Hasif in the queue.

Danial had the competition pass so he was allowed to walk-in through the 'special' contest entrance. He was able to enter without using the early birds CF tickets so he sold me his. As simple as that, I was in! Too bad for Hasif, he had to queue up though.

Danial helped me to put on my costume. Just to pin few parts of the vest. I am all set!

Don't be too harsh...It's my first time!

As I stepped in the door towards the convention hall, I understand what the hype was all about. The place was impressive! Cos-players are everywhere! Game booth and stages are at one section of the hall whereas concert/event stage was at the other end of the hall. Deep inside the hall there were the Doujins area where people sell fan-art and other merchandise. The second floor was specifically for the Pokemon Championship, other games and also where to food are...


Game stage are and booths

More booths and event stage area. Cosplay competition are also held here...

I was very nervous to walk around snapping photos at first but slowly I built more confidence and courage to ask as I found out the cos-players are very friendly and open about it.

The first cos-player I asked for a picture...Milestone!

Hasif and I spent most of the afternoon supporting Danial in the Pokemon Championship. We were they trying to 'psycho' his opponent but ended up 'psycho-ing' Danial instead as he only managed 2/7 wins...Hihi...Better luck next time, buddy!

I spent most of the day going taking pictures of cos-players and had very few opportunities to actually view the shops and merchandises. I figure I will be able to do that on the 2nd day of CF2015 since I won't be cos-playing.

Not so epic battle...

Red Rangers...Mostly...



This one I love so much...I feel strong in his presence! ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!!

That is me with Hasif... Really awesome DOTA Sniper cosplay

Met my Clan!!! Their lightsabers.... :'(  . No budget la....

These dolls caught my eyes. They are very beautiful. The quality was incredible!!! I wanted to get one, until I saw the price tag! RM 2000 each...WHAAAAATTT???!!!! Goodbye dolls....

Hasif went home quite early. Danial and I thought we'd skipped the concert which was held at 8.00 pm. A friend of Danial needed a lift back home so we waited a while for him to finish the FLOW session of the concert. Then we went back to Shah Alam. I was really satisfied.

For more pictures of the events, please go to my facebook page and add me and view the album HERE

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